Holiday Progress Report

Half way through the 2010 end-of-year holiday vacation, I hereby present the following progress report regarding planned activities:

  1. Lasagnapalooza: 100%
  2. Reading of books: 5%
  3. Reading of backlog on Instapaper: 5%
  4. Web site maintenance and enhancements: 40%
  5. Shopping for after-Xmas bargoons: 1%
  6. At-home video/movie/Illico backlog watching: 20%
  7. Paring down the 600+ items in my “do to” email folder: 1%
  8. Household maintenance and repairs: 0%
  9. Laying around like a big fuken slob: 800%

Verdict: I need at least two more months of vacation.

One thought on “Holiday Progress Report

  1. You left no room for picking up new disgusting habits! As a mid-centurion you need to allow time for ear & nose hair plucking, random ranting at undeserving recipients and all other manor of well-earned albeit inappropriate activity. Happy frikkin’ New Year!

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