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I have not added a post to the Blork Blog since February 2020. That post marked the end of eras, both in its announcement of the passing of The Mini, our loyal cat of almost 16 years, and also the end of the pre-COVID-19 era.

Future historians will look back in shock and amazement that I didn’t make a single post about COVID-19 during the three (or so) years of the pandemic. The smart ones will realize that I had no desire to add more noise to the very noisy din that was everything said, written, and sung about the pandemic. No, what we needed was less talk, since 99% of the talk was misinformed or flat-out disinformation. There was much noise and not enough signal. I am not qualified enough to provide useful signal, so I took it as a personal act of social responsibility to not add any noise.

Also: I was writing on Facebook, where’s it’s all noise anyway.

Loyal readers (of my Facebook) will know that I’m pretty much fed up with social media. Perhaps I will elaborate on that more one day, but let’s just say that I appreciate being able to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away in both space and time (since we’ve last seen each other) but all other aspects of that form have left me wanting less, not more.

I’ve long pondered a return to this blog, although the glory days of this form are long past and in many ways any writing here will be little more than shouting into an abyss. But that sure beats shouting into social media algorithms, so I’ll take it.

So here I am, today at least, making this re-introduction. I don’t know where this will go, if anywhere, and anyone reading this and my Facebook will likely see some overlap. So let’s turn the key and see if this thing still runs…

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