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I live in Montreal, Quebec, although I’m originally from Nova Scotia. For the in-between, check Blork’s Bio.

I started the Blork Blog in late 2000. In the beginning I used Blogger, but I switched to Typepad in mid-2003. In mid-2006 I moved back to my own domain (blork.org) and switched to WordPress, which I still use.

My street photography blog is here: Street Scene | Montreal and Beyond.

A few retired blogs:

Here’s me on CBC Television in 2005, talking about blogs and YULblog:

Blork.org (and all things Blork) is basically my personal world as seen on the web. It is sometimes at odds with my professional world, over at edhawco.com.

You can contact me at blork (at) blork [dot] org.

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