History of YULBlog

(This page is here for archival reasons. YULBlog has been in hibernation since the early twenty-teens. This description was last updated in 2009.)

YULBlog began in early 2000, when five Web-savvy people living in Montreal (Ed Bilodeau, Michael Boyle, Heather Champ, Aaron Straup Cope, and David Petite) got together for drinks and to discuss the new phenomenon of blogging. They continued meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at a local bar; La Cabane on Boul. St. Laurent. That summer Ed Bilodeau created a section of his Web site called “YULBlog,” where he logged links and news clips about the Montreal technology/business/culture scene.

In mid-2002, maintenance of YULBlog.org was passed to Bill, of Billegible.org. Bill carried the YULBlog torch until early 2004, when Patrick Tanguay took over and re-launched it as a Montreal meta-blog and blogroll, finally with its own domain (YULBlog.org).

In March of 2005, YULBlog celebrated its 5th anniversary with a blow-out party at Zeke’s Gallery on Boul. St. Laurent.

In May 2006, to accommodate the growing monthly turnout, the venue for the monthly First Wednesday meetings changed. One meeting was held at Laïka, on St. Laurent, but due to booking problems and the results of a YULBlog user poll, the venue was changed again, and in June 2006 we held our first First Wednesday meeting at La Quincaillerie, at 980 rue Rachel E., (near Boyer).

March 2007 saw the party continue with a special event at la salle Belle Gueule des Brasseurs RJ; a combination book launch for three different books that were published by YULBloggers, and a Seventh Anniversary Party!

As other forms of social media continues to grow, so too does YULBlog. In March 2010 we’ll be celebrating ten continuous years of meeting and blogging!

YULBlog Now

YULBlog is run by volunteers.

The YULBlog.org Web site is maintained and hosted by Patrick Tanguay. The email reminder list for the monthly YULBlog First Wednesday gatherings is maintained by Michael Boyle. YULBlog.org was designed by Eric Demay, and was relaunched with a fresh new look and feel in January 2009. The aggregated (meta blog) area of YULBlog is run by members of YULBlog who choose to send in their feeds.

First Wednesday continues to be held at La Quincaillerie, at 980 rue Rachel E., with turnouts ranging between 30-80 people per event.

YULBlog can be found on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Identi.ca, YouTube, and elsewhere. Keep looking and you’ll keep finding it!

First Wednesday

“First Wednesday” is the monthly gathering of Montreal-area bloggers and people who are interested in social media. We meet on the first Wednesday evening of each month at Quincaillerie, 980 rue Rachel E., (near Boyer), from 8:00 PM onwards.

First Wednesday is a casual and relaxed event. There is no agenda, no structure, no roll call, no speakers, and no rules. It is a social event among friends and fellow bloggers, both new and long established. It is held in a public place, so no one is excluded. Anyone who wants to come, can come. Conversations take place in English, French, Frenglish, hand signals, PHP, CSS, and anything else that works.

Please join in; it’s not our YULBlog, it’s yours. Get on the mailing list to get non-spammy once-monthly reminders, and notifications of any special events or changes in schedule or venue.

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