3 thoughts on “New Classic Pizza Redux

  1. I like the music and the fact that you seem to get happier with each toss. You’re a pretty good flipper!

    Btw, any idea why you got removed from montreal city weblog’s blogroll? I always used to go there, and then use the links to read other montreal blogs, now I have to type to get to you! :)

  2. Thanks. :-)

    Kate at Montreal City has just put her site through a major template update, and migrated from Blogger to WordPress. It looks like she took the opportunity to also trim her blogroll. It’s a lot smaller now, and seems to be focused on highly Montreal-oriented sites and blogs, which is essentially where she gets most of her info. I suspect I’m still in her news feed, but I suppose she wanted her blogroll to be very Montreal-happeningish.

    I’m trying not to take it personally. ;-)

  3. Only 2 comments? Must be jealousy. That was frikkin’ awesome. I’m barely able to flip an omelette. Kudos!

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