It all makes sense now

Remember my dream in which a komodo dragon was sniffing my crotch in a room full of monitor lizards? Well, I just took the Office Flirt Test, and here are the results:

The Lizard
Retiring, friendly and totally laidback, you lounge around the office and tend not to be regarded as a player when it comes to office sexual politics. But then that’s all part of the act isn’t it? You know all too well who you fancy in the office but you never come right out and show it. That would just be too obvious. You prefer the slow build-up, using your easygoing approach to make sure potential targets are totally relaxed in your company before you make any moves. And when the moves come they are more likely to be outside the office and outside office hours. Not that you aren’t putting in the groundwork all the while you’re at work.

That doesn’t really apply where I currently work (in a small office surrounded by a dozen rumpled men), but when I think back…

Tuesday’s Yummies

Tuesday’s Yummies

The last day of my week-long food reportage…

• Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
• 1 medium coffee
• 1 orange
• 1 bowl of blork-crafted chili (half meat, half soy protein)
• 1 thin slice of Montignac bread
• Short espresso with a dollop of cream and 1 tsp. raw sugar
• 1 ham & (light) cheese sandwich with blork-made marinated eggplant on Montignac bread.
• 1 truckload of “literary event” hors d’oeurves
• About 6 glasses of red wine
• 1 quart-sized bottle of cheap domestic beer

Missing Babes

Jude points out, in the comments attached to my Types of Babes post, that I had forgotten about Scooter babes! My gawd, of course! How could I forget? Scooter babes are women who ride Vespa-like scooters, preferably in Europe. This is a phenomenon we don’t see much in Canada, but go to Italy or France and you see all these gorgeous women zipping around town on scooters. It’s fabulous! Especially when they’re all done up as if they’re going on a date or something. I can see them now in their black skirts buzzing around the fountains in the Piazza Navona, or barrelling up the Boulevard Jean Médecin in Nice. Mmmmmm… scooter babes….