How’s this for a dream?

I’m visiting someone, somewhere (both unknown). It’s a large, low house that feels sort of Asian. The house is full of large monitor lizards who lumber about paying little attention to me. Then around the corner comes a Komodo Dragon.

My hosts, whomever they are, have kindly placed a sort of muzzle over the Komodo Dragon’s face, but it’s more like a mask than a muzzle. In fact, it’s a green alligator mask, the kind of thing a lizard would wear on Halloween. The Komodo Dragon is quite curious about me, and keeps jamming it’s masked face into my crotch, the way a dog does. It makes moaning sounds, not unlike Chew Bacca from Star Wars.

Allow me to recap: A Komodo Dragon in an alligator mask was nuzzling my crotch!

That was just too weird, so I woke up.