Economical hands-free telephone headset

Forget about pricey and dorky-looking Bluetooth headsets – try Blueband technology!

Available now, at your local greengrocer, likely wrapped around a bunch of asparagus. Cheap! Nutritious! And after a few hours the marks fade almost completely (and maybe even permanently).

Blueband hands-free telephone

Here you see our lovely model demonstrating how easy it is to use the Blueband hands-free headset during a conference call in which he needed his hands for other things. When speakerphone is not an option, impress your friends and colleagues with a Blueband hands-free headset.

Bluebandbecause it’s MacGyvery!

8 thoughts on “Economical hands-free telephone headset

  1. That’s really funny, but you know what… I might use it for my oral defense on monday…

  2. Haha!! That elicited an afternoon chuckle out of me. :) I wonder if my phone is Blueband compatible…

  3. far too funny~! :-P
    and to think i’ve been resorting to duct-taping my phone to my head when the elastic band was there all along…

  4. nice to see you again and…with a nice blueband apparatus…

  5. I think you need kind of an irregularity in the head to keep it on. Or, a very silly hat. (ooh ooh! I’d better draw and patent it.)

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