Sundown at Pioneertown
Pioneertown, California.

As of this post, the Monday Morning Photo Blog is retired. After nine-and-a-half years and 500 images, this photo blog has fulfilled its original goal, and then some.

My photographic energies are now focused on Street Scene | Montreal and beyond, and to a lesser extent, Montréal Ville Mobile. Other new work will be presented at Flickr.

This doesn't mean I've lost interest in photography. Rather, I've lost interest in the concept of an unfocused photo blog. Perhaps it will return one day, in some new incarnation, with a more specific purpose.

In the meantime, this URL isn't going anywhere. I hope to re-purpose this space by creating a set of galleries featuring a greatly pared-down selection of these images, categorized for easy navigation and viewing. Until then, feel free to browse through the archives, which will remain in place, as-is.

Commenting has been suspended due to relentless spamming. Send any comments or inquiries to me by email at blork|at|blork|dot|org.

Thanks for your eyeballs and and your support since 2004!
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