I had a dream last night about me and an ex-girlfriend (who I will call ExGF). ExGF and I were driving an old truck along a dirt road in some rural area. We stopped at a dusty old store for ice cream. We sat on a bench eating the ice cream, and right in front of us was a steep hill that went up about 100 feet. At the top of the hill, right on the edge of the cliff, some people were building a house. All they had up so far was the frame.

It looked kind of shaky and I suddenly felt like it might come crashing down the hill right on top of us. ExGF was sitting on my right, so I said “If that comes down, you go that way (right) and I’ll go this way (left)”. No sooner had I said that when the house collapsed and came tumbling down the hill. I jumped to the left just in time to avoid the cascade of crashing timber, but she wasn’t as quick. She was buried under all the broken 2x4s.

The wood was so smashed up it was almost like straw. I jumped on the pile and started digging. I found her almost right away, and pulled her out, but she wasn’t hurt. She was a little bit dazed, but laughing. She had wood chips in her hair and was brushing the debris off her shirt and she said something like “Hoowee! Where’d THAT come from!”

That dream is so “of” ExGF and I. I’m cautious and vulnerable and always thinking in advance. She’s reckless but invulnerable, as if she has a guardian angel.

I think I had a guardian angel once, but it became a crack addict and moved to Las Vegas.