The Blork Blog turns twelve years old today. Loyal readers will have noticed that I post a lot less than I used to back in the glory days, but this sucker still has a pulse.  There are 65 half-written (and for the most part, no longer  relevant) unpublished “drafts” mouldering away in here, plus another dozen or so sketches of  posts in my various virtual scratch pads. But for reasons that likely don’t need explaining I have trouble drumming up the enthusiasm to see them through.

Perhaps this will change in 2013, or perhaps not. Personal blogs are largely irrelevant these days, with Twitter taking care of linkage and brain farts, and the dreadful Facebook taking care of pretty much everything else. But as you know, the pendulum swings in both directions, so perhaps there will be a resurgence of relevance, or at least interest, or maybe I’ll get inspired to completely change the direction of this space.

I’ll most definitely post my last-year’s reading list some time in January, as that’s been a tradition since 2003. After that, we’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my cat:

The Mini doesn’t like the direction this blog is taking.

6 thoughts on “12!

  1. Dinoblogger a day, dinoblogger for ever.

    Twitter and co are not cannibalizing the blog. It is just that we, the people, shout where there are other people. People are not very good in fact at talking alone… not sure if it’s good or not.

  2. For whatever it’s worth, I am always glad to read one of your postings when they appear.

  3. What, no lolcat captions? I got chur readership issue right cheer.

  4. If people are so small-minded as to become addicted to dreck such as Twitter or Facebook, then by all means, let them. It means they no longer have to think, and that’s the Great Leveller. 75% of them can’t string together more than two English sentences in a row, so both services are perfect for them.

    Before Twitter and Facebook there was the Great Silence, because people had nowhere to vent their two-sentence sentiments. They certainly never had the initiative or the ability to create their own entertaining space where others could come and read. Reading, by the way, is too much trouble for these people; TLDR is their watchword (Too Long Didn’t Read). They have the attention spans of lightning bolts and unless their interest isn’t captured in the first three words or less, they drift on to things that are easier to understand.

    The blog is far from dead. Facebook is like Twinkies were to gourmet food, and even Twinkies couldn’t survive. Twitter is like AOL and GeoCities were, and it also, shall pass into the Halls Of “Hey, remember when . . .” along with Windows ’98 and Nintendo Gameboys.

    Keep it up, Blork. One post of yours a month equals five days 24/7 of Facebook and a lifetime of Twitter.

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