Nine Years of Blork Blog

The Blork Blog is nine years old today. That’s older than some people I know!

Loyal readers have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting very frequently lately. That’s partly due to my having many other distractions (e.g., From the Hip — Montreal, Monday Morning Photo Blog, and the Montreal Burger Report) but it’s also because I’m sort of rolling with the evolution of the medium. In other words, in a time of Facebook and Twitter, the role of the personal blog has diminished significantly, and that makes me less enthusiastic about putting in the time and effort.

Face it; fewer people are reading this kind of blog, and I count myself among them. I’m more inclined to read topical and more narrowly focused blogs like my current number-one “go to” favorite, The Online Photographer.

The Blork Blog would like to thank Rob Marshall for this most excellent tribute.

Therefore, I am once again questioning the continuation of the Blork Blog. Part of me wants to go for another year just so I can call it an even decade, but that’s not really reason enough. After all, if I don’t have anything to say (or more likely, I don’t have the ambition to put what I have to say into words), then what’s the point of just plugging along for the sake of a number?

Thus, I turn to you, my faithful readers. Please take three seconds to vote in the following anonymous poll regarding the future of the Blork Blog. I will say right off the bat that I am not beholden to whatever the results of the poll reveal. Also, I know this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it (see previous item). However, I want to know what you think. Thus:

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20 thoughts on “Nine Years of Blork Blog

  1. I have stopped blogging for a while now for reasons of saturation, social-media saturation, web2.0 saturation and the lack of interesting content. I now use Twitter, FB and use the rest of the internet to gather information or read the news. I don’t feel the love of participatory internet anymore.

  2. If you’re finding the blogging format unsatisfying maybe you need to change its focus. I do not buy that the time of the personal blog is over, but I think it may be time to reconsider what one’s personal blog can do for people. Is there some info niche you would like to see covered? Cover it.

  3. If you “move to FB”, you’ll move out of my range (too bad for me, but not worth selling my soul, so…). I too have quasi abandoned my “personal blog”, but I’ve found joy again in my new, more focused project.

    But what kind of geek are you, not finding the decade issue not to be worthwhile enough? ;-)

  4. Congrats on the 9-year milestone – impressive on any count! I don’t buy the “personal blogs are dead” statement either but there’s no doubt that a lot of change has occurred in both online writing and reading – so I’d say, put your energy where your heart is. But, please, not Facebook, which could never be a substitute for what you’ve done here!

  5. I’ll miss your blog if it goes, but, on the other hand, if your heart’s not in it, your heart’s not in it. And I kind of agree with vieux bandit: “But what kind of geek are you, not finding the decade issue not to be worthwhile enough? ;-)”.

    It could be a great way to end. Going another year but knowing there is a most definite end. Might give you more inspiration for your posts, or looking back at some old posts and re-commenting on them x number of years later.

  6. You will personally encounter my wrath, such as it is, (in a Mighty-Mouse format), if you discontinue this blog.

    Dat means only one thing: I know where you live. And your knees are precious to you.

  7. I’d stick it out. In the past few months, I’ve been rekindling an interest in my own blog as well as other personal blogs. I find certain kinds of posts just don’t lend themselves to Facebook or Twitter. You may find you’re itching to write about something six months down the road and you wouldn’t want to limit your options.

    Besides, if and when personal blogging makes a much heralded ‘comeback’, you can always say you never packed it in, thus keeping you ahead of the curve which, as we all know, is the most important thing. ;)

  8. Although I did vote for Keep Posting, I really believe that you should post when you feel like posting etc. A bookmark is forever!

  9. Blork? If you don’t get into really weird territory, I’ll hold my own survey: “Should Blork get into really weird territory, yes or hell yeah?”

  10. Blork, this one can’t go by unpunished. I don’t think you really know how many people rely on you for their daily fodder.

    Don’t do it, dude, and I really, REALLY do have your address.

    It would be a criminal act. And it would hurt you more than it would hurt me.

  11. Thanks for the words of support.

    Nick, I’m happy to oblige, but now that threats are involved I’ve had to call in my thugs. You might notice a few beefy lumps hanging around your lobby over the next few weeks. Oh, and when you came home the other night and it looked like a few things had been moved around inside your apartment? You’re just imagining that. (Oh, and you’ll imagine it again in a few weeks when my lugs go back to change the batteries.) ;-)

  12. Yo yo Ma, Blork, Yo yo Ma! I did see some disturbances here and there the other night but just thank God that I’LL LET THAT PASS this time aroun’. Your fingers are still itching from getting broke da las’ time, so SEND YOUR MEN but expeck dat I’ll send MY MEN nex time.

    And then it’ll be YOUR FURNITURE what’s gonna be rearranged.

    Especially dat ugly COUCH in the basement. Why blue?

  13. I disagree that blogs are obsolete, they’re just not as big a deal as they used to be. I use Facebook to stay in touch with a handful of friends (and that’s it), I don’t have a twitter account… I get most of my news from blogs and I rely on you for an unusual Montreal perspective, great photography, and your awesome posts about food. Plus you’ve got great personal stories. Keep it going. Everything’s a pendulum, just wait, blogs will be back in vogue soon enough.

  14. Hi Blork,
    I check in on your blog every other week, secretly hoping for more delicious homemade pizza combinations! You introduced me to San Marzano tomatoes!
    My vote: Go for the decade.
    P.s. I met you last year on the terrasse of the Irish Embassy. Cheers!

  15. Hey, Shannon, thanks for dropping in. I remember meeting you at the Irish Embassy; I forgot to ask your name but now I know it. :-)

    Latest pizza combination: Spinach, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, and lemon zest. (Sprinkle lightly with the zest after the pizza comes out of the oven.) Very different, but very interesting.

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