Blork: Famous for Eating Burgers

Of all the things I did in 2009 (OK, so it wasn’t all that much), the thing I got most noticed for was eating hamburgers. (Well, there was that whole “Badge of Shame” thing back in the spring, but that was notoriety for something I did in 2008.) Specifically, I got noticed this year for eating burgers and talking about them on the radio, in podcasts, and on the Montreal Burger Report, along with fellow burger lover Chris Hand.

We started the research for the Montreal Burger Report about a year ago, and went live with the first report in April. People started to notice, and in November Sarah Musgrave wrote an article about the Report for the Montreal Gazette, featuring photos by yours truly (the paper edition used two photos, online used one).

MBR in The Gazette

More recently, Robyn Lee of Serious Eats “grilled” Chris and I for that Web site’s “A Hamburger Today” section, filed under “Grilled.”

MBR on A Hamburger Today

So it looks like I’ve found my calling. I always new I’d be famous but I didn’t think it would be for stuffing my face.

Incidentally, not everyone’s a fan. We got an email from a guy called “DocChuck” in North Carolina wanting to know if we were “queer.” Specifically, he said:

I stumbled across your website today, and I am just wondering:  are you guys queer?

Because I do NOT read pervert’s crap, EVEN if I like to read about burgers.


You can learn more about the delightful DocChuck by visiting his Myspace page, which includes a blog. (Wait a sec… he has a blog on Myspace and he want’s to know if we’re queer?) <- I retract that jab because it’s unfair to queer people.

3 thoughts on “Blork: Famous for Eating Burgers

  1. Hey, dude, why didn’t I see this? You’re playing the posting shell game.

    Well, it’s obvious you hit the goldspot. Run with it — sooner or later YOU’LL be the owner of the most fabtastic burger joint in this sorry, withered city of ours.

    But be warned: I’ll be riding your coattails.

  2. And I can definitely certify, having personally witnessed it, Blork, that at least YOU are queer. I have yet to meet Martine. But oh, yeah, you’re queer, all right.

    *Sounds of muttering as he fades into the background*:

    “Definitely queer as a . . . rein . . . deer . . . I . . . . . . fear . . . my . . . . dear . . .”

  3. And as a parting greeting, I’d like to rhyme something with “DocChuck”. But I fear your more storied readers might lift their little fingers over their teacups if I did that.

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