Invisible Man

On the way home from work today I found an envelope on the ground. It was addressed to the SAAQ (Quebec’s department of motor vehicles) and had a name and return address hand written in the upper-left corner. It was very thin, so I figured it was just a payment form and a cheque. It also had a stamp on it.

Obviously, someone had dropped it on their way to a letterbox. It occurred to me to simply drop it in the post and forget about it, but then I realized that the guy wouldn’t know what had happened and might end up cancelling the cheque unnecessarily. So I took down his name and address with the intention of looking him up and calling or emailing to let him know it was safely on its way.

By the time I got home I still hadn’t passed a letterbox, so I still had the envelope. I looked the sender up on Canada411 and came up with nothing. He has a somewhat unusual name, but all the variations came up blank.

Then I Googled him. It returned only three hits; two from  Russia and one that was complete gibberish.

So I got creative. With the help of my one-watt tactical LED flashlight (one watt is a lot for an LED) I scanned the inside of the envelope. Sure enough, his cheque (for $180) had his name and phone number stamped on it. So I called the number. No longer in service.

Oh well. Tomorrow morning I’ll drop it in a letterbox, but the guy won’t know what happened until the cheque clears, which could take weeks (this is the government we’re talking about). Not that it matters, since I’m starting to wonder if this guy even exists.

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8 thoughts on “Invisible Man

  1. That’s kinda a weird coincidence. I dropped my (late) SAAQ drivers license renewal in the mailbox yesterday. Although I have what many here consider a funny name, my check was not for $180.

  2. Blork, Blork Blork! You mean THAT’s why they’ve been calling me every goddamn day? YOU of all people found my check? That is just TOO MUCH of a coincidence. Yes, I remember that I put some ridiculous name on it because I was in a bad mood, but I know it’s mine because I wrote it out for exactly that — $180.

    Damn, I knew I lost it, and now I feel guilty because I blamed Brigitte for dropping it on one of her excursions.

    Do me a big favor, deposit it and sign my name (It’s just a scrawl) and send the cash to my PayPal account and we’ll start from scratch. All debts forgiven.

    Damn, so THAT’s where it went! I’ve been bugging Brigitte about it for days now.

    I believe you have my PayPal account address.

  3. Ha ha. Everybody’s a comedian.

    Dave, I don’t understand the question. What do you mean?

    Monica, don’t worry. At this point I’m just going to drop it in the mail and forget about it.

  4. Actually, the SAAQ wastes no time depositing cheques. I remember last year mailing in my car registration payment on a Monday, and the payment cleared by Friday.

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