How to cancel delivery of White and Yellow Pages

This public service announcement shows you how to cancel delivery of those huge Canadian phone books that you never use, such as the Yellow Pages and the White Pages.

The people behind the phone directories don’t want you to cancel delivery (the more books they deliver, the higher their ad rates), but they seem to have recognized the necessity to allow that option. But here’s how they get you — the cancellation notice is only good for two years, after which it reverts back to “default” (which is “delivery everything”). The workaround is to not only cancel the delivery, but to mark a reminder item in your calendar two years from now to go back and do it again. Alternatively, you can use a service such as to send you a reminder email in two years time.

In either case, don’t forget to include the URL (or a link to this post) in your reminder, to ensure you can find the form again (although they will likely move it, just to throw you off).

How to cancel delivery of White and Yellow Pages:

  1. Go to
  2. Insert your name and contact info.
  3. In the right-hand column, check the items you do NOT want to receive.

  1. Fill in the “re-captcha” form at the bottom of the page, and click “Submit.”
  2. Make an entry in your calendar (or use to remind yourself to do it again in two years time.

Note: This method only works if delivery is not imminent in the next 60 days. There is a link on the delivery form to go to the distribution schedule, but the link is badly formed and doesn’t work on some computers. As a further public service, here is the link to the delivery schedule (PDF).

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6 thoughts on “How to cancel delivery of White and Yellow Pages

  1. Thanks for the PSA!

    One problem, the delivery people just throw 6 of those books on your porch or balcony. Or 30 of them in the hallway of bigger apartment buildings. It’s been a few weeks ago that the YellowPages were delivered in our neighbourhood and I still see them on balconies/porches and huge stacks in apartment entryways. They should just acknowledge the “No publicity” stickers and have people who want them anyway pick them up themselves.

    Won’t happen, I know, they are in the dead tree business.

  2. Can I have all of them, please, please, please?
    I teach art (printing) at university and we use these phone books in the workshop, great for de-inking rollers etc.

    So if you keep getting phone books you don’t want, find a printshop or anyone else who can make use of them and make a donation.

  3. Unfortunately mare is right. Those things are not addressed, they’re just mass distributed. I have a “no junk” sticker on my mailbox and it was disregarded, as was the fact that next door is vacant so there’s no mail being delivered there at the moment.

  4. It’s true that in many cases this won’t work, particularly in dense urban areas. It’s very annoying that puts this kind of “effort” forward when it turns out to be a facade to make it LOOK like they’re doing something. >:-\

  5. I only recently discovered that if I don’t want to have my name in the phone book I have to pay a few bucks *every month* to keep my name out of it. Any idea how I can setup a business with this revenue model:

    Step 1: Offer service (most) people actively don’t want
    Step 2: Force them to pay not to use it

  6. Now that I’m out of the city, I don’t get the huge useless books. (I would have kissed your feet for that info for years before, though, and I think that needs to be recognized!) What I do get is a small, spiral-bound book with the phone numbers for my area (several villages). It’s actually incredibly useful. My *new* issue with it is that I’m quite on the border of Lanaudière and Mauricie, but on the Mauricie side, so I get the book for all the villages… on one side of where I live. The others side is just as close, but businesses I need there remain a mystery for now! (Those that do have websites here only have display pages with their contact info, no email or anything, and since they can be on small rural roads or have no front sign, they’re not easy to find!)

    Strange how issues change… yet remain.

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