Less Junk in my Trunk

Just a quick note to say that I’ve cranked my email SPAM controls way up, on both the server side and with local filtering. So if you really are a Nigerian prince with a bit of a banking problem, or someone from Men’s Health who really does want to make me a great offer, then you’re probably out of luck.

That also means that friends who put a lot of junk in their emails will also get filtered. Oh well. But here are a few tips to help prevent having your email spam filtered (and not just with me):

  • Use plain text email instead of HTML. That means you won’t be able to use all sorts of fancy fonts and colors, but who cares? It’s email. Get over it!
  • Don’t fill up your email with links. The more links in your message, the more likely it will get filtered.
  • Ditto pictures. If you must send pictures by email, you should follow up with a no-picture message saying something like “I just sent you those photos. If you didn’t get them, check your spam folder.”
  • Make sure your email is configured properly. Spam filters look for things like inconsistencies in email headers, so if you’re sending it from Hotmail but the return address is configured to say Yahoo, you’re probably going to get filtered.

In the meantime, if you send me an email and I don’t reply, then try me again with a plain text message.

7 thoughts on “Less Junk in my Trunk

  1. I use gmail and I rarely see any spam. I’m quite impressed, actually! I see one in my inbox maybe once a month (the type that say “Here’s your answer” or “Hi!”). What I do do is forget to check my spam folder regularly, but when I do, again I confirm that gmail works surprisingly well. Huh! :-)

    Of course now I’m missing out on all the new ways with which I could increase the size of another gender’s member. Oh well…

  2. I tried gmail when it first came out and for some reason I wasn’t crazy about it. Part of it is that it’s Google, which is awesome in some ways but way too powerful in others. Plus I’m not crazy about having web-based mail as my primary email; that’s just me being territorial, and having gotten burned by Hotmail more than 10 years ago. With regular email, once you download it it’s yours; with webmail you’re always at the mercy of someone else’s servers (and control). That doesn’t sit well with the anarchist side of me.

    I my case I’ve been getting at least 100 a day, and that’s just the ones that slipped by the old settings. So annoying!

    I wonder if I didn’t crank up the spam control too much. I hardly got ANY email today. I hope I didn’t nuke something legit!

  3. Note to self: stop putting words like “penis enlargement” in subject lines to Ed.

  4. Thanks! And nothing about goddam acai berries! They all get trashed (I must get 30 a day just about goddam acai berries!)

  5. Huh?

    I swear by acai berries! How else do you think I get my penis to work? Public transport?

  6. Thanks for sharing, Nick! You can tell us all about here in the comments, but if you send me an email it’s going in the trash! ;-)

  7. Duly noted! I’ll make sure to put in the subject line “Hi, old friend, I just found you on Google!”

    I GUARANTEE you’ll bite. What, you’re gonna push the delete key on that? I could be Rush Storm, the porn actress.

    How are you gonna miss out on that?

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