Spring Retrospective

Spring is teasing us this week. The weather has been warm and sunny (although it’s a bit rainy today), and I saw my first robin of 2009 this morning.

To put things in perspective with regard to last year’s overly snowy winter and late arriving spring, here’s a photo I took of the street in front of our house last year at about this time (March 11, to be precise):

The Mini is easy to spot

Here’s a photo from two days earlier, showing how much snow was still piled up on our back deck. (This year, our deck has been clear since last week.)

View from the dining room

I’m under no illusions that winter is over. We will see snow again, no doubt. But it will be that shallow and spiteful snow that doesn’t last. And good riddance!

4 thoughts on “Spring Retrospective

  1. The sound of birds chirping is great! And the light…what a change. The only bad thing would be the smell of the melting snow, mud, wet grass, and dog poo.

    Hopefully we won’t get any more snow!!

  2. Yes, I specifically took a picture yesterday to contrast it with the snow from last year. The difference is quite amazing. The amount of snow we have on the ground today is the same as mid-April of last year.

  3. “shallow and spiteful snow” is all I want from now until November. I’m already worrying like crazy about the thaw around my as-yet-uninhabited house, yikes… (not that it’s thawed that much there yet…)

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