Blork’s Top 10 Things About January 20, 2009

Apparently there may be a few traffic jams around Washington DC on Tuesday. Regardless, I’ve managed to come up with a list of good things about that day. Therefore, I present to you Blork’s Top 10 Things About January 20, 2009:

10. No more misunderestimating.

9. Finally, a hot First Lady!

8. Job opportunities at Halliburton as they open their new “Tenders & Proposals” department (previously deemed unnecessary).

7. Oprah Winfrey to release her copyright on the letter “O.”

6. A lot fewer black SUVs driving around Crawford, Texas.

5. Condoleezza Rice can go back to being an oil tanker.

4. Quadrennial opportunity to learn how to spell inagural innaugurral inaugural.

3. Osama bin Laden might have to sell that timeshare in Florida and go back into hiding.

2. One word: Labradoodle!

1. It’s official: there’s no chance that Dick Cheney will ever become President.

Congratulations, President Obama! No… congratulations America!

10 thoughts on “Blork’s Top 10 Things About January 20, 2009

  1. Heh. I think your #10 is my #1. Finally, we will be able to listen to the President of the United States without having the running commentary in the back of our heads that makes us feel like a grade two (ok, maybe grade four) English teacher, correcting every grammar mistake.

  2. I want to say, thank you America. Thank you for showing you are not a monolithic state. Thank you for showing you can change. Thank you for showing you are not just a bunch of redneck cowboys. Thank you for electing the right person for the job. Thank you for being color blind. Thank you for being real patriots this time around. Thank you for remembering what your constitution stands for. Tomorrow the world will be a whole lot less scary. Thanks.

  3. Nicely done, Ed. Thanks for your patience, Canada.

  4. Perhaps Dick can be an oil tanker too? Although, now that he is in a wheelchair (with a pulled back muscle, a result of moving into his new digs) he looks more like an oil rig.

  5. All that said, I’m a bit worried that people might be expecting too much from President Obama. A lot of folks are in a fever, as if he’s the second coming of Christ or something.

    On the other hand, all he has to do is sit there and already he’s doing a better job than Bush.

  6. @Blork I think we can already stamp him on a coin. He’s brought back HOPE to everyone.

    But I remain skeptical as with everything. I want to believe but we’ll wait and see how he does.

  7. Blork, we look that way because President Obama has inspired us all out of our comas; but we understand him and love that he reminds us constantly that this is not about him, but about us, all of us. That’s very different from hero worship. We also look ecstatic because we have overcome our reprehensible history of slavery and lynchings and on this day, the day after MLK’s 80th birthday celebration, we have truly turned a page. Let’s all overcome our cynicism for once and try to move this world forward – together. It truly is a new day.

  8. Re: “I think we can already stamp him on a coin.”

    A pretty collectable plate would also be a good investment or so I’ve heard!

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