Altoids and iPods

I usually balk at accessories that go with popular gadgets; they’re usually overpriced and in many cases they are completely unnecessary. Oftentimes you can simply make a suitable facsimile yourself.

So, last year when I got a new iPod Nano (third generation) and an iRadio attachment (for getting FM radio through the iPod), I refused to pay the extortionate prices for carrying cases.

As it turns out, a humble Altoids tin makes a pretty good home for an iPod Nano. Best of all, the Altoids “tiny tin” holds the iRadio (with a bit of squeezing). The only drawback is that sometimes I reach for an Altoid and I get an iPod, and sometimes I reach for the iPod and I get an Altoid.

If you do this, I suggest putting a bit of bubble pack or other padded material in the tin that holds the Nano in order to keep it from rattling around.

Altoids tins

iPod Nano and iRadio in Altoids tins

That said, please take the survey below and tell me what you think.


15 thoughts on “Altoids and iPods

  1. That’s great. And iPod theft probability just went down. Unless someone wants to steal your altoids

  2. Thinking there’s some Scottish in the Hawco (Irish?) Family Tree…

  3. Altoids now better starts making a tin big enough for the iPhone/iPod Touch…

  4. mare: already done. The “Big Tin” (283 g) is 10.5 x 19.5 cm. I think you could even fit an Apple Newton into it.

  5. They (Altoids cans) also make great emergency first-aid kits for climbing. A mini-Leatherman, latex gloves, some gauze, maybe some benedry, and you’re good to go.

  6. Why is it preferable to carry an iPod inside an Altoids tin in your pocket (or bag or whatever) than to carry it “naked” inside your pocket?

  7. Donal, naked would result in the iPod getting severely scratched up, possibly the screen cracked, and the earphones all tangled up.

    Keep in mind that when I’m actually using the thing, I keep it naked, but when I’m just carrying (which I always do; it’s always in my shoulder bag) I use the Altoids tin(s).

  8. I wrap the headphone cable around my iPod touch to protect it.

  9. Tux, that wouldn’t be enough for me. Things get pretty rough & tumble in my bag. The cord would end up pushed aside, then tangled up, the jack might get bent, etc.

  10. I’d like to choose the first option, but without the “twit” bit. ;)

  11. …someone’s been reading DIY/crafting zines…. Altoid tins have a long history of being refurbished for multiple purposes. Are you going to set up a booth at the next hipster craft fair with your patented Blork Pod Tins?

    Or you could make altoid tins from old iPods.

  12. Where can’t you buy Altoids in Montreal? My boyfriend is desperate and keeps asking his friends from Toronto to get him some when they come to town. Thanks! Great blog, by the way (first visit). Loved your appreciation of summer tomatoes elsewhere on the site.

  13. Hi Sacha67. I see Altoids all over the place. Specifically, most Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix places have them. I’ve also seen them in some of the nicer depanneurs around town.

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