Suburbaland Who’s Who

The Northern Boreal Tree Panther

The Northern Boreal Tree Panther inhabits a small territory south of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. Its habitat consists of large, sheltered interior spaces lined with an abundance of cotton and other materials, combined with limited exterior locations in and around cedar trees.

Nothern Boreal Tree Panther

The Northern Boreal Tree Panther’s diet consists of prefabricated food bits obtained and presented to them by a subspecies of human, commonly referred to as “cat people,” which are subservient to the Tree Panther. Tree Panthers occasionally consume other sorts of food and are particularly fond of yogurt. While they are known for their bird hunting skills, there are no recorded incidents of the hunted birds being eaten.

Humans are advised to keep their distance from the Northern Boreal Tree Panther, as it has been known to attack.

For more information on the Northern Boreal Tree Panther, contact the Canadian Mildlife Federation in Ottawa.

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