11 thoughts on “Contemporary Issues in the 21st Century (101)

  1. This sort of thing happens to me often. Usually it’s obvious, but this one is tricky. I say if it tastes alright, must be 2007!

  2. North American date formats usually follow DD-MM-YY or YYYY depending on space/length. Assuming you didn’t buy this peanut butter in France, I’d say it’s good until November 6th, 2007 :)

    (from the department of occasionally useful knowledge)

  3. But AJ, that assumes everyone complies with the standard. (And isn’t the military standard the opposite?) And it also implies that mortals like me can keep track of these seemingly random and arbitrary standards.

  4. The military makes peanut butter? Must be goober troops from Georgia.

  5. Whichever, you’ll have to put it in the trash after 8:50am.

  6. Whaaaaaaa? Peanut butter expires?

    Why, I never knew that bubba!

  7. I work in a U.S. FDA-regulated industry, and the date format for FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is DD – MM or MMM – YY or YYYY. Therefore it will expire (or turn into a pumpkin) sometime after 08:50 (that’s AM) on 06 November of this year. Happy eating, and let’s hope that, expired or unexpired, it has not been adulterated with melamine or something even stranger from China.

  8. I have been told that when peanut butter goes off, it reeks like something unforgettably baaaad. I have never sniffed peanut butter in that state, and would in fact be curious as to how noxious it can get. For science’s sake, please do us a favour, and this November 6th at 08:51, let us know. :)

  9. Wow, you get stuff that fresh down there?

    Any stock left after November 6 will be on its way north no doubt.

    My stock of peanut butter has no expiry date, only the ominous warning “if seal is broken do not use”. But we always ignore those any way.

  10. Well thanks for piquing my interest in food best before dates.
    I purchased some cream cheese last week, some avocado today, and was intending on making some sort of dip. Opened the cream cheese just now, sort of did not look quite right, looked for the date, it’s on the bottom of container [O6 DE 16].
    So is that out of date or do I have 9 years grace to eat it?
    Never mind, I’ll be taking it back to the store, and will be checking dates more for now.

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