Wee Me(s)

OK, everybody’s getting themselves one of those WeeWorld avatars, so I got one too. But I’m not a “joiner,” so I didn’t actually sign up for the WeeWorld stuff (whatever it is).

That’s a Guinness in my right hand and a camera in my left (and a hot dog stand in the background). Oh, what a wonderful (virtual) world!

So that’s the WeeWorld me. Then there’s the Wii me, courtesy of Lightspeed Chick:

As far as I know, I don’t yet exist in Second Life. (That’s just fine – I have a hard enough time keeping up with the first one.) But if anybody spots me in there, please let me know. And grab a screen shot!

10 thoughts on “Wee Me(s)

  1. None of those avatars ever have squinty eyes, do they? Mine would have to have bad skin, and various discolourations.

  2. Now that you made me realize that you have 7 different photos of you at the top of your blog, I have to refresh constantly to see all of them…

  3. I really love your blog. I seem to know of a lot of Nova Scotians (thru their blogs) currently living in Montreal! Your WeeMee is cool, I am going for a beer (not a Guiness though, as we don’t get them here in Cochin, India). And Christelle is right, you don’t look happy in ur WeeMee avatar. Here is the link to mine.


  4. It’s true that my WeeWorld me looks a bit grumpy, but that’s because I’m going through a grumpy spell lately. Haven’t you all been reading? ;-)

  5. I have one of both of these virtual avtars and there okay but now everyone got one and it seems like everyone’s getting married on there and everyone and there grandma’s got one!!!!;-) ;-)

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