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I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much of a chance to look at photo blogs. But I did spot a few beauties recently, which I’d like to show you (click a thumbnail to go to the original). Interestingly, they’re all monochrome, as is my own humble effort over at the Monday Morning Photo Blog.

Sydney WebcamHere’s a different perspective on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Paul Murphy posts a photo from Sydney on his photo blog almost every day, providing a virtual tour of that fair city. He’s posted plenty of shots of this bridge, but when I saw this one my eyes really popped. One usually sees the bridge from one of its approaches, or from a distance with the city in the background. But this almost two dimensional straight on side shot gives a different sense of the scale of the bridge and its graceful lines.

Carzurro!There’s something about this photo of a couple of geezers out for a bike ride in Shqiperia, Albania, that cracks me up. I love their erect postures and matter-of-fact expressions. It’s a tough lighting situation, with the backlight and the too-hot foreground, but the stark shadows and the sheer fun of the image make up for it. I’ve mentioned Carlos Carzurro’s photos before, and I suspect I will do so again.

Parc CruzParc Cruz is a Manila-based photographer who claims he’s only been “serious” since July of 2005. He must be a fast learner, as his work is outstanding. His portraiture in particular really stands out. Last week I noticed this image of a boy taking a dip in the water. The effect of the water on the boy’s skin is luminous, almost metallic, but the image does not come off looking like some Photoshop trick. Parc also posts photos on Flickr.

Julien RoumagnacJulien Roumagnac, who I’ve also mentioned before, posted an excellent chilly early winter photo in which he exploits the way a camera’s flash lights up snowflakes. It’s an effect that usually ruins photographs (when it is unintended), but Julien knows what he’s doing and the effect worked really well here. You look at the photo and you don’t just see his expert handling of light and dark – you get a chill from the snow and you can’t help but whisper to yourself “careful, don’t fall in…”

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  1. Oh, how I miss the harbour bridge. Sydney is such a beautiful city. And it’s Summer there right now! :D

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