Blork’s Photos of the Week

By now you’ve figured out that I’ve been spending some time checking out photo blogs lately. Here are some of my favorite photos from last week:

prochaine station, Lionel GroulxTroisieme Oeil (third eye) has a great shot of the Atwater Metro station in Montreal. I’ve passed through that station hundreds of times, so I recognized it instantly. (Note: Kate pointed out in the comments that it’s actually the Sherbrooke station, which I’ve also passed through hundreds of times.) Photos of trains coming into or out of subway stations are a dime a dozen, but this one scores big because of a combination of its formal symmetry mixed with the playfulness that comes from the blur of the moving train, as well as the clean and somewhat stark lighting and contrast (and color balance). It’s fascinating that the train is very blurred yet the people are barely blurred at all. Nice shot!

nice 'modelling'NoWords posts a lot of personal and intimate portraits, often with a high dose of post-production texture. It’s a technique that works well for commercial jobs but can quickly get old when applied to personal work. Regardless, I always enjoy looking at his photos, and I certainly paused on this one (actually, a pair – its a diptych). The roundness of the human derrière is a subject that can never get old in photography, although it can be done badly. NoWords scores big with these shots, however, by keeping it simple, discreet, and beautifully lit for a wonderful modeling effect. Adding a text overlay on the second image works nicely too, although it would be nice if we could actually read it. Photography is, or at least can be, all about form and light, and this is a wonderful example of that.

posture for 200This portrait at The Narrative has me all giddy. It’s one of those shots where you feel, right away, the warmth and humanity of the subject, but as you keep looking you keep finding things to wonder about. The man has obviously been on Jeopardy, but when? What did it mean to him? Who is the man holding the photograph? This is a great example of a portrait that does more than just go *spat!* It sits there and talks to you, drawing you in, making you want to know more about the person.

2 thoughts on “Blork’s Photos of the Week

  1. Actually, that’s Sherbrooke metro – you can see the mosaic that’s the station’s main artwork at upper left.

    I think the element I find most striking is the semitransparent guy lower left.

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