Lasagna Tip

When I make lasagna, I try to make two or three of them. We eat one right away and freeze the others. I also make plenty of extra tomato sauce, and I freeze a bag of sauce with each lasagna.

When it comes time to cook the lasagna, I warm up the extra sauce with it. At serving time I spoon some sauce into the bottom of the plate before I put the lasagna on top. It gives it some extra zing, which is nice if you like your lasagna very saucy (like I do).

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

This roasted vegetable lasagna was made about a month ago, but cooked last night. As you can see, it freezes well. And (if I do say so) it tasted great – especially with all that extra sauce!

9 thoughts on “Lasagna Tip

  1. Lisa, I’m going to start dedicating my food pics to you. :-)

    Marc, I didn’t use a specific recipe for this one. Just a basic lasagna with tomato sauce (which I will report on later), noodles, an assortment of grilled veggies (peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, and probably a few other things — can’t remember), and an assortment of cheeses (mozzerella, parmesan, and ricotta).

    I generally use spinach too — specifically, I steam the spinach, then let it cool. Then I squeeze the water out and mix it with the ricotta and just a touch of nutmeg. I’ll use that mix with a touch of tomato sauce as one of the layers. Unfortunately, due to the recent spinach panic, I couldn’t find any when I was making this one.

  2. Mmmmm-mmmm, Lasagna Tips…

    Blork, I’m off to FMB tomorrow in search of the much ballyhooed Turkey Testicles and Festivals off all sorts attached or otherwise. Will report my findings. Sorry, but it’s unlikely I’ll attempt to smuggle any back through customs – Just don’t have the balls to pull that sort of stunt.

    Carry on cooking. Harry

  3. Have you tried using mascarpone instead of ricotta (a la moussaka). My wife made a mushroom lasagna with that recently that was the best lasagna I’ve ever had. Probably not good for your health, but damn good.

    What is the verdict from the in-house taste-tester?

  4. Harry, have fun in Florida. Save the manatees!

    Frank, I think I did use mascarpone once, and it was really good. But you know… that girlish figure thing and all…

    Christelle, you are not alone!

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