Scary Christmas

A couple of years ago I pointed out a really scary Easter Bunny that was part of the Easter decorations in the building where I work. Well, it seems the diabolical decorators have resurfaced, but at a different venue. Check out the holiday decor that adorns Place Bonaventure:

Scary Christmas Decorations

Wow! That’s just plain weird! Talk about nightmares for the kiddies!

On the other hand, given the amount of annoyingly sweet holiday pablum that is shoveled at us this time of year, I kind of like this stuff. Bring on the anti-Christmas, the hexed holidays. Good ol’ Satanic Nick, staring down from above, watching you fake your way through the phony holiday levity and crushingly insincere good cheer when in fact you just want to scream and rip some elf’s head off.

There are about a dozen of these things hanging from the ceiling, with a creepy face on either side so you see them no matter which direction you’re walking.

The centerpiece looks suitably lurid with that crazy ice-blue background:

Scary Christmas Decorations

Ooooh, that makes me wanna shop. It’s going to be a crazy Christmas!

My First YouTube

Some of you may have seen this video already, but I was messing around with YouTube and decided to post it there. It’s the video Martine and I shot in Rome last May during our wild scooter ride around the eternal city.


Ride, baby ride!

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