Fire on McGill-College Avenue!

I’m walking on Ste. Catherine Street, heading east towards McGill-College Avenue. I’m almost at the corner when I hear the siren screaming two blocks away. I turn and squint into the sun. A red fire truck is barrelling towards me on Ste. Catherine Street, lights flashing and siren wailing. Its horn goes graa-boooonnnk as it crosses Mansfield against a red light, zig-zagging from lane to lane around the stopped cars.

It hangs a hard left on McGill-College, barely slowing down. A block north at de Maisonneuve, it takes a right again, and stops. I quicken my pace, curious as to what’s going on. Forty five seconds later I’m almost at the corner but by then the fire is out. I see a fireman pull a portable hose from a trash can, curl it up, and jump back on the truck. By the time I reach the corner it is gone.

such destruction!

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

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