Tweakage help needed

I’m still tweaking this new version of my blog, and one of my goals is to make links a little more visible by putting a faint blue background on them – but I only want it to appear on links in the main text, not the post headings (which are links) nor the blog roll links.

I’m really close. From my view, it seems to be working, except that some unvisited links appear without the background color. It doesn’t seem to be all unvisited links, which is weird. It’s sort of random.

As far as I know I’ve done everything right in the CSS. It’s tricky though, as it’s not my own style sheet, so there are hidden glitches and pitfalls all over the place.

In the meantime, please help me out. Let me know if you see the blue highlight on this link (link 1) and if you see it on this other link (link 2). Please don’t follow link 1 or that will mess up the test! Link 2 should appear as visited, as it’s the link to this blog.

If a few people leave notes in the comments it might help me figure out what’s up. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Tweakage help needed

  1. I get no background on link 1 and the blue b’ground on link 2.

    Firefox 1.5.04 on WinXPSP2


  2. I see light blue shaded background both in Firefox and IE on WinXP. I think I never installed SP2 (better known as ET call home) .

  3. Get background on both. Link 2 is visited.

    Flock 0.7.1 on winxp sp2 :)

  4. I see light blue shaded background on both #1 and #2 and on “Comments”

    Safari 1.3(v312) on Mac OSX 10.3.9

  5. Hmmm, strange, I get the shaded blue on both links but when I open the comments link and scroll up to re-read the entry the blue shading had disappeared from the first link…perhaps part of your test?

  6. I get the same as Sue in Firefox.

    When I tweak WP I use Dreamweaver and it shows the options of what you can do to the CSS. There are a few things you would have to tweak in post class and comment class since it seems to change when making a comment.

    I have spent many hours trying to get what I have now.

  7. Howdy!

    I’m getting it, and then not getting it like sue. And either way I don’t like it. The blue text is more than sufficient to me – the background highlighting is annoying.

  8. Thanks for the feedback folks.

    Zeke, I agree that highlighted links can be annoying. But I found that on some screens, the link color was so faint you couldn’t tell it was a link. So I could have changed the link color, but then on some screens it would be glaring.

    Thanks to an emailed tip, plus a bit of poking around based on the comments here, I think I may have figured it out. For example, I had the same problem as sue and Marlee when I looked at it in Firefox on my Mac (but not in Firefox on my PC). Now it works on the Mac to.

    Sue, Marlee, and Light&Dark, if you’re still reading, could you give me an update? Is it working now?

  9. BTW, I’ve also enabled the “Preview” thingy on comments (as requested by Mare), and I’ve installed one of those thingys where you need to enter a code first. Sorry, but I’m already getting a load of comment spam.

  10. hey Ed–
    i’m using MSIE version 6, service pack 2, and i see both links as pale blue. hope this helps…

  11. On my Macintosh running Safari both links are highlighted. I wouldn’t say the highlighting is barely visible, but it’s faint enough not to be obscuring anything.

  12. Thanks Nick and Gordon. “Barely visible” is what I’m aiming for.

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