5 thoughts on “Alexander Keith’s Red Amber Ale

  1. I like the tv ads with the choir singing “O Fortuna.” They seem a little less stupid or exploitative than most beer ads.

  2. I don’t know your feeling about Boreale Rousse, but we tried it side-by-side with AKRAA tonight. Boreale had a scent, taste, and after taste that were consistant with good red/amber beers. The Alexander Keith’s had little scent or after taste as you mention. Plus the taste seemed a bit weak for a red/amber beer. To put it nicely would be to say it had a clean finish.

    Also, I tried Wells IPA at the local grocery store and was really impressed.

  3. Frank, Boreale Rousse is one of my favorites. It was my “house beer” for quite a while. Recently I’ve switched to Griffon Rousse (brewed by Macausalan, who make St. Ambroise). It’s not as sweet as Boreale Rousse, which is as malty as can be. The Griffon has a bit more hoppiness to balance it off. I really like it.

  4. I’ll give Griffon more consideration. Boreale Rousse has been our house beer for a while also. Though I should continue to make the rounds of the amazing number of local brews here. We were big on the Unibroue beers back in Chicago.

  5. I was thinking about trying Keith’s Red but I am not much of a Red Ale drinker, I guess what should I be looking for when I try it?

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