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  1. yeah, but where’s the cheerfully printed wrapper with the B monogram? where’s the Justin Timberlake-penned jingle? Come on, sometimes I think you’re just not trying ;)

  2. Free-range egg? Wow, I’m glad that the egg had a little time to explore its surroundings before being hauled off to the slaughterhouse.
    Where can I, a simple peon, find me one of these free-range eggs? I’m sure they’re a bit gamier.

  3. Oh Michel, you’re such a bitch. They’re actually called “free run” eggs when I look closely. It doesn’t mean much, just that the chickens are confined to a slightly larger cage than some others.

  4. Wow. That looks very tasty! I’ve always liked the concept of an egg *muffin, but couldn’t even fathom the idea of eating one from M.

    I’d be curious to see the calorie & fat count of yours compared to the mc-version. ;)

  5. oh wow very nice! i love egg (mac-/whatever-) muffins but always miss the 11am deadline of the breakfast serving time!

    may i ask a very stupid question, blork, as a cooking beginner: how is it possible to cook the eggs in such a way that they be kept in a round and thick shape to fit into the english muffins? is there a special utensil (?a big ring) to do this?

  6. Or you can even use a tuna can with both top and bottom removed. Whichever you use, you should butter it up first or the egg will stick.

    Another thing, since egg white cooks faster than egg yolk, I break the yoke and stir it up a bit before pouring it into the egg ring. Not a scramble, just a light mix.

  7. As for the calorie and fat count, it’s probably not low. On the other hand, the amount of butter I used was minimal, as was the amount of pancetta. I didn’t even use much cheese.

    And unlike the McD version, it contained NO “liquid margarine” and did not come with a side of greasy hash browns.

  8. My husband smuggled in “eggy bagels” to me when I was in hospital, which were a homemade version of the McDonald’s variety. Yum.

    BTW, you *can* get free-range eggs (or at least that’s what they call them here). The chickens are kept in infinitely better conditions than battery hens, and best of all, they simply taste a hell of a lot better. Personally, I can’t taste the difference between organic and free-range, but it’s no comparison to a “regular” egg. Even the yolk is much yellower.

  9. I think Michel’ bitchy point was that it’s the chickens that are “free range,” not the eggs.

  10. salut martine, hello blork, many thanks for the tips! cheers!!

  11. Those Canadians love the pork, when they visit here I hear the word pea-meal over & over again.

  12. Yeah, it’s that whole marketing thing of free-range or free-run eggs. Hard to conceptualise. Reminds me of a joke: A contented-looking egg is lying in bed, smoking a cigarette. Next to him is a frustrated-looking chicken, who harrumphs: “Well, I guess we answered *that* question.”
    As for cooking the egg, I’ve also seen it done (at St-Viateur Bagel on Mont-Royal), where they pour a beaten egg into a ramekin and heat it in a microwave.

  13. Looks like that one is a no-mayo. It looks great and feels like you’d surf out the craving for a second one.

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