This guy has kindly loaned me a film and negative scanner. I’m looking forward to making copious use of it, as I’m running out of ideas for my Monday Morning Photo Blog (and I don’t seem to be creating many new photos — at least not interesting ones).

I have thousands of negatives and contact sheets in the basement, just waiting for a chance to be seen. Most are crap — just stupid pictures from my university days — but there are a few gems in there, I think (I hope). I had a few negatives scanned professionally a few months ago and was very pleased with the results. But going that route is both time- and money-consuming. Hopefully this loaner will do an acceptable job so I can scan many negatives, gratis.

arctic hareThere is also the issue of the thousands of colour slides I have lurking in the basement. Most of them are edited and categorized, and carefully tucked into clear sheets. Unfortunately, most of them are crap too (more on that next week), but again I hope to find a few gems.

In fact, I have already. This week’s Monday Morning Photo Blog entry is the result of my first test with the scanner. It’s a shot of an arctic hare that I took in 1991 when I was working for the summer above the arctic circle. The hare itself is mildly interesting — what works for me is the crazy context.

Click the picture of the hare to see the full image. While you’re there, click on the "Places" link in the "Categories" section on the sidebar — in my photos with tagged "Places" you’ll find half a dozen or so other images from that summer, all in black & white. This hare shot is the first time that any of my colour images from the arctic have been seen publicly.

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  1. Now you’ve got me wondering whether I want a negative/slide scanner or a digital SLR for a future present.

    You are actually responsible for my last present. A previous post convinced us (read me) that we need a new flat screen monitor. The previous one was turning to the dark side. BTW, does anyone know what to do with an old monitor other than trashing it?

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