The inevitable leftovers

We planned our Christmas dinner well, so there were not so many leftovers. Enough turkey for about four sandwiches and some chunks that are good for dropping into soup. There was also a big pile of mashed potatoes (I made and froze two shepherd’s pies today), some green beans (into tonight’s soup) and some (un)stuffing (into the freezer to serve as a side dish someday).

But no Christmas dinner leftovers story is complete without a description of the inevitable turkey sandwich. Some folks like to gussy their leftover turkey sandwich up with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other leftovers, essentially re-creating their Christmas dinner.

Not me. I’ve always preferred simplicity. For me, the ideal leftover turkey  sandwich is composed of white meat, abundant salt and pepper, and a good squirt of French’s yellow mustard on white bread (ideally a lightly toasted baguette).

On the side, ideally, are a dill pickle and some leftover stuffing. Lucky me! That’s exactly what I had for a late lunch yesterday!