Ho for the Holidays (part 2)

Last year about this time I complained about those tarty Bratz dolls in a post titled “Ho for the Holidays.” This year, The Sneeze has a tarty toy reference under the same title, over here.

2004’s holiday ho is none other than Tinkerbell! Upon further consideration, however, I think Tinkerbell is far less of a ho than those Bratz things. After all, she’s not trashy and I don’t think she buys those sexy little green dresses at Wal-Mart or Zellers. No, I’d say Tinkerbell is more of a risqué sylph than a ho — by a long shot.

One thought on “Ho for the Holidays (part 2)

  1. Since she is a poor orphan faerie, I doubt she could afford anything other then her skimpy torn outfit. Besides, she is way to tiny to be a ho.

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