13 thoughts on “Yikes!

  1. Actually, I thought of Spiff and that made me want to beat the crap out of the guy.

  2. No, because the bastard might actually eat cats!

    Of course he was likely joking, but some jokes don’t go over so well around people who love their cats.

  3. So, blork, would you have thought it funny if the sign had read “rats don’t taste like chicken”?
    I’m simply suggesting that the fellow was trying, humorously, to convey his situation. It’s better than the person who harangued me the other day, blaming all the “christ d’immigrés” for the state in which he found himself.

  4. Yeah, but hey, I don’t love any rats. Of course I see the humour in it, but for a moment there I had a vision of him strangling somebody’s kitty — then I thought of him strangling Spiff — and suddenly it wasn’t very funny anymore.

  5. You know, from pictures I’ve seen of Spiff, I’m sure he’d be pretty fatty. Just saying.

  6. I love some rats…I own several as pets, and I’d sooner eat a cat, albeit they are filthy animals, than lower myself to eat the noble Rattus.

    Odd view?

    Well, a rat will actually come when you call its name (anything even reasonably close, actually). Domesticated & socialized rats don’t bite (I’ve been nailed by a non-socialized rat, but not hard enough to break the skin). The pride of my rattery won’t venture more than two feet from me under any circumstance (in my yard, in my house–without any leash), can anyone cat owners claim their animals are this conditioned?

  7. Oh, and PS….

    Porcupine and beaver taste like beef….very BAD beef.

    Billy goat tastes like car tire and vomit.

    Trust me.

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