Dyer to U.S.: It’s not always about you

Gwynne Dyer, the impatient Canadian journalist who is sometimes a blow-hard, and sometimes an astute analyst, writes an interesting view of terrorism and al-Qaeda in the Toronto Star:

What major American public figure will stand up and say that the U.S. and its values are not really under attack; that the country and its troops are actually just being used as pawns in somebody else’s strategy?

It’s not a new perspective — I’ve even postulated that one a few times myself. But it’s good to see such reminders pop up now and again amid the wash of “they’re out to get us” paranoia that the U.S. administration and the American corporate war-for-profit industry encourage. I just wish Dyer would be a bit less sure of himself — as a journalist he should at least acknowledge that he is speculating. There can be a difference between how something appears to be and how it is, and it behooves a journalist to remember the difference between a belief and a fact.

One thought on “Dyer to U.S.: It’s not always about you

  1. Howdy!

    As a slight tee-hee moment, I liked the juxtaposition of your two entries today; in the top (and I assume later one) you bemoan the lack of “thinking people.” In the first (and earlier one) you bemoan Mr. Dyer writing speculation as fact.

    As a thinking person, you correctly figured out the difference – as Mr. Dyer is writing in the Toronto Star, I would imagine that he realizes that most of their readership is of the “non-thinking” kind – hence the speculation as fact.

    Thanks for the giggle.

    Play ball!

    PS Ignore the email, I didn’t scroll all the way down. Sorry.

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