I am so blogging THIS!

Loyal readers of ni.vu.ni.connu will recall the “bise moi” kerfuffle from a few months ago. For those of you just arriving, “bise” is a slang word in French for “kiss,” so this unbearably sweet anglo one day said, to M, my francophone girlfriend, “bise moi!”

The sentiment did not go unnoticed, and neither did the grammar. I still don’t understand the subtleties, but apparently that simply isn’t how one says “kiss me” en français. I wasn’t even allowed a bit of poetic license for chrissakes! At least my faux pas was considered to be sweet, not stupid. (Good thing my GF isn’t Louise B., or surely I’d be locked up in a dungeon now, still enjoying the lashes.)

So there we are a couple of days ago, escaping the heat and humidity by skulking around inside the air conditioned Maison de la Press Internationale on Ave. Mont-Royal and guess what I find M reading? Some skanky rag called “Technikart” with a very interesting cover. You can see it here, and I heartily encourage you to click this link…