Recent dreams:

• I was getting jiggy with a, um, woman of substance
• I was taking a long time to smoke a very large cigar

There seems to be a theme of abundance. Hmmm… perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket.


The most annoying band in the history of music, Yes, is playing the Molson Centre tomorrow night. I think I need to leave town. Or at least…

Just Say

New feature…

There’s a new feature on the BlorkBlog! For the legion of you who swoon over my every word and would like to bookmark specific posts, you can now do so. You’ll see that the timestamp for the posts now has a [link!] thingy. Click that. The screen will blink, but not change appreciably, and then make your bookmark. Bingo, that’s it!

You can also use that to make a link to specific posts. Let’s say you really really want your grandmother to read a particular post, just click the [link!], then copy the URL from the address bar of your browser and email it to Grandma (or use it to make a link on your web page).

To Louis Muhlstock!

Raise a toast to Louis Muhlstock, who died yesterday at the well-seasoned age of 97. Muhlstock was a painter who lived on rue St. Famille in Montreal, which is the first street I lived on when I first moved here 14 years ago. I used to see him occasionally walking up the street, always dignified with his tie and beret.

Muhlstock moved to Montreal as a child, with his family of Polish-Jewish immigrants, part of the first wave if Eastern-European Jews who populated “The Main” in the early days of this century. In the 1930’s and 1940’s he was well known and widely regarded as a painter of the common people–the poor and unemployed, and the sick. He also painted “urban landscapes” around Montreal. He was known to find beauty in the most mundane things, and was always looking at things and sketching.

In more recent years he painted primarily landscapes, but also whatever caught his fancy. He painted every single day, right up to his last.