That’s Just Wrong Department

We had a lot of snow this past week, getting up near 50cm within a couple of days. Apparently it was the third worst snowstorm in Quebec since they started keeping snowfall records.That’s enough anytime, but in the middle of freakin’ MARCH!!!??

I was up at the cottage this weekend. While the snow was wet and sloppy here in town, up in the Laurentians it was white and very wintery. Very beautiful, actually, just not in the middle of freakin’ MARCH alright!?

Here’s the cottage and here’s the road.

Very Impressive…

Check out this scan from the back of a box of new Aquafresh “dental mints.” Look at the graph… the red line shows how much you salivate when you’re just standing there like a dope. The blue line shows how much you salivate when you’re sucking on a “dental mint”.so lame

(a) When did salivation become the cornerstone of dental hygiene?

(b) Big freakin’ deal! So the mints make you salivate. Don’t they all? How about showing us a comparison against Altoids, or Hall’s? How about if you’re chewing on a piece of wood?

The worst of it is, there are people out there who fall for this crap. Grrrrrrrr