Chronicles of Lameness Department

I like to strut about, crowing "don’tcha just love the 21st century?" whenever some technological gizmo enables us to do some silly thing that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. Cell phones and digital cameras are likely to provoke such an outburst.

So here I sit, converting a long tech manual from MS Word to Adobe FrameMaker. Without getting into the long story of it, Word is a flaky work processor which poses badly as a publishing platform. FrameMaker (which is kinda like PageMaker’s big brother) is a document layout and publishing application that is also sort of a word processor but is impractical for short knock-off documents.

Now, like I said, Word likes to think it can fit the bill in a professional publishing environment. So not! I just witnessed one small example of the funadmental lameness of Word, which is this: Chapter 5 of the manual starts on page 97. Or does it? If I want to print a page and I select a different printer here at the office, it does some kind of dipsy-doodle and suddently Chapter 5 starts on page 103! The page numbering changes when you select a different printer driver! Think of the implications–TOC, cross references, index, etc. Yikes!

Hello! How can you put your product forward as a serious publishing app when something as fundamental as page numbering is as flaky and unstable as this?  I mean really! Sheesh!