Blork Blog Endorsements Policy

The blork blog occasionally endorses businesses, products, and creative endeavors (books, films, etc.). Unless stated otherwise, these endorsements are given without reward or other consideration.

"Stated otherwise" means that if I am paid in money, goods, or services for an endorsement, I will say so, in no uncertain terms, and I will say so within the context of the endorsement (which is to say, not just in the fine print).

This does not apply in cases where I may have endorsed a product or service in the past, and at a later date was rewarded for a further endorsement. This is simply because I do not think it necessary to go back and edit previous posts under those circumstances.

That said, I hereby pledge that in the writing of the Blork Blog I will neither solicit endorsements, nor accept rewarded endorsements for products and services that I do not believe in, based on their merit. In other words, if I endorse a product or service, it is because I think it's just dandy, whether or not I was rewarded for the endorsement.

Blork Blog Sponsorship Policy

The Blork Blog may occasionally accept sponsorships. In that case, the sponsorships will be indicated in a sidebar listing under the heading "Sponsors." If the sponsorship reference appears in the body of the blog (in the form of an image, a link, or a body of text) it will be clearly indicated as being a sponsorship.

I hearby pledge that I will not accept sponsorships from people, companies, or organizations for which I have a fundamental disagreement. In other words, if I accept a sponsorship, it is for a person, company, or organization that I feel good about.

Finally, I pledge that I will not change the tone or content of any post in exchange for a rewarded endorsement or a paid sponsorship.

These policies are not binding. (How could they be?) Rather, the purpose of posting them here is simply to let readers know where I stand on the issue.