Blork's Bio


Human name: Ed Hawco

Born: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Schoolin': Sydney Academy High School, Cape Breton University, St. Francis Xavier University, Concordia University.

Result: Desk job.

The Nutshell

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I grew up under the orange haze of the Sydney steel plant's belching smokestacks. I moved to Antigonish, Nova Scotia to get a degree at St.F.X. University and never looked back. Moved on briefly to Halifax, then to Montreal, where I remain. Sort of. In 2003, after 15 years of saying "I will live in the city or I will live in the country but I will never live in the suburbs" I bought a house with herself and moved to the suburb of Longueuil, right across the river from Montreal.

Things I Do For Money

  • Technical writing (software user guides, etc.)
  • Technology Marketing writing (white papers, editorials, brochures, annual reports, etc.)

Things I Do For Enjoyment (and Occasionally Money)

  • Photography (editorial, travel, narrative, etc.)
  • Writing (blog, travel, creative nonfiction, etc.)

Things I Do For Love

  • Spend my days and nights with this woman.
  • Travel
  • Cook
  • Read
  • Watch movies

Things I Never Do

  • Karaoke
  • Fight


blork [at] blork [dot] org



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