About the Monday Morning Photo Blog

My name is Ed Hawco. I'm from the east coast of Canada, but I've been living in Montreal, Quebec, since the late 1980s.

I have been photographing for many years. Although I have occasionally done photography work on a professional basis, I lose my photographic "mojo" when I have to meet a deadline, complete an assignment, or shoot to order. Thus, I wisely chose many years ago to not persue photography as a profession.

Over the years I built up a catalog of images that languished unseen, so in 2004 I started the Monday Morning Photo Blog, in which I post only once per week (Monday mornings). It's a mixed bag, with no particlar theme or narrative. The styles veer wildly, because I do not follow any set viewpoint or doctrine, and because the photos come from various times in my life and from various influences.

Many of these photos were taken long ago, back in the film days. Others may have been taken last week. I'm happy to have a venue to show them all, whether they're old or new. I hope you'll take a few moments to look at some of them.

You might also be interested in Street Scene | Montreal and Beyond my photoblog of "stochastic" street photography from Montreal and occasionally elsewhere. That one definitely has a specific point of view. And don't forget to check out the blork blog and my bio.


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