At the Bullfights, Aigues-Mortes, France, October 1993
Aigues-Mortes is a small, walled city in the Camargue area (Languedoc-Roussillon region) of southern France. The area is famous for its white horses and black bulls. Every October there is a festival in Aigue-Mortes which includes bulls running in the streets and a unique form of bullfighting, called the Course Camarguaise, in which the bulls are not harmed. But coincidence, I just happened to be passing through Aigue-Mortes at the right time one day in 1993, and I witnessed the bull running and bullfighting. I wrote an account of that day on the Blork Blog, as part of the "12 Monkeys" project. This photo was taken from the stands, overlooking the bullfights.
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