For lunch today I had one of those instant microwave meals you see in the freezer section at the grocery store. It looked pretty appetizing–Asian Noodle Stir Fry. I knew it was vaguely healthy, in that it was an "Amy’s" product, which are usually in the health food section. I bought it mostly because I like things that sound like Asian Noodle Stir Fry.

I keep a few things like that in the freezer for days like today when I don’t have the time or suitable leftovers to bring for lunch and don’t want to spend any bux in the food court downstairs.

Anyway, as I was preparing to cook my Asian Noodle Stir Fry I took a closer look at the box. It contains no dairy, no cholesterol, no wheat, and no gluten.  …and it’s vegan. OK, I’ll spare you the jokes about no flavor and no food.

In the end it wasn’t bad. But not great. If fact, it left me still a bit hungry. I think I’ll pop down to the food court for an order of fries

Links work…

Well for the legion of fans who flock to this newborn blog every five minutes, I hereby announce that the links at the top of the page now work. Mind you, they don’t go anywhere, but that’s tomorrow’s problem. In the meantime I still haven’t figured out how the archive thing works.  Hmmm… Maybe I oughta toss up some kind of biographical info. Unfortunately, that would require knowing who I am. Well, I suppose I could fake it, or just make something up, since that’s basically what I’ve been doing all my life. :-O