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Mar 23 2013

10 Years of Cassandra Pages

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The noise in the blogosphere has long surpassed the signal, which may explain the decline in relevance of the “personal blog.” Where once the platform was largely about personal writing and exploration, blogging now is a vehicle for competitive foodieism, personal branding, and all forms of marketing. This shift was inevitable, so there’s no point […]

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Dec 27 2012


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The Blork Blog turns twelve years old today. Loyal readers will have noticed that I post a lot less than I used to back in the glory days, but this sucker still has a pulse.  There are 65 half-written (and for the most part, no longer  relevant) unpublished “drafts” mouldering away in here, plus another dozen […]

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May 15 2011

This is Blork (This is not Blork)

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To be precise, this is the Blork Blog, part of the Blork Network. It is not, and has nothing to do with, the new whatchamacallit thingy that Dave Winer has created and calls “Blork.” If you’re looking for Dave Winer’s Blork, start here. But if it’s the Blork that’s been around since 2000 you’re looking […]

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Jan 05 2011

Street Scene: Montreal and Beyond

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It’s 2011, so the natural thing to do is launch a new photo blog! Announcing Street Scene: Montreal and Beyond, a new street photography blog from yours truly. I know you’re all just boiling over with questions, so I have put together this handy FAQ to handle all your WTFs. Street Scene FAQ Q: Where […]

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Dec 27 2010


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The Blork Blog is officially ten years old. One might expect on such a majestic occasion a dissertation on the meaning of having documented the first decade of the 21st Century in real time, or of breaking ground in a new medium, or perhaps simply a recap of the “best” or “favorite” posts. Heck with […]

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Oct 05 2010

Alston Adams, 1974-2010

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Alston Adams, known as @AlstonAdams on Twitter and formerly as Jonas Parker and later himself on his blog, died of cancer yesterday. He was 35. I don’t remember exactly when I met Alston for the first time, but it was probably 2003 or 2004, most likely at La Cabane, where we early-adopter bloggers used to […]

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Dec 27 2009

Nine Years of Blork Blog

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The Blork Blog is nine years old today. That’s older than some people I know! Loyal readers have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting very frequently lately. That’s partly due to my having many other distractions (e.g., From the Hip — Montreal, Monday Morning Photo Blog, and the Montreal Burger Report) but it’s also […]

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