Movie trailer on TonTuyau

Everybody knows about YouTube, but what about TonTuyau? (It’s pronounced “tohn-TU-yo” or something like that.) That’s a home-grown (Quebec) YouTube-like video sharing thingy with a French interface. I draw your attention to this because (a) hey, cool, and (b) you can go there and see a trailer for the teen rom-com movie that Martine co-wrote. (À vos marques…Party! … due for release in spring 2007).

Or you can go to the movie’s blog, where they link to the YouTube version of the trailer (which is of slightly better quality – less compressed).

Warning: the trailer is flush with chirpy teens (actually, twenty-somethings acting as teens), catchy music, and an almost-naked Alexandre Despatie.

My First YouTube

Some of you may have seen this video already, but I was messing around with YouTube and decided to post it there. It’s the video Martine and I shot in Rome last May during our wild scooter ride around the eternal city.


Ride, baby ride!

(Technical note for WordPress users: if you have trouble embedding YouTube or other shared videos into your posts, try getting the Viper Video Quicktags plugin. It adds an array of video plugin buttons to your WYSIWYG menu.)