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Jun 24 2013

On Pat Metheny, Kool-Aid, and Bullshit

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Every June, as the Montreal International Jazz Festival approaches, I find myself thinking about Pat Metheny. I’m not a fan. It has nothing to do with Metheny’s immeasurable talent and skills; I just don’t care very much about his medium: jazz guitar. Back in 1989 I had not even heard of Pat Metheny until it […]

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Jan 15 2012

Leonard Cohen Must Not Die!

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I‘ll skip over the obvious reasons why Leonard Cohen must not die any time soon and cut to the matter at hand: Leonard Cohen must not die because people are ignoring his request for a moratorium on the song Hallelujah. Worse, most of the people who “interpret” the song seem hung up on a single […]

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Aug 31 2009

The Night Belonged to Trooper

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Last week, CBC Television aired part one of a two-part series about the formative years of the Canadian music industry called “The Beat Goes On.” Part 2 airs this Thursday night, September 3, 2009 (check the web site for exact times and repeat dates). I only caught a few minutes of it, as I was […]

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Jul 14 2009

The Queen, Queen, and Me

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According to my research, Queen Elizabeth II was 49 years old when Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” came out. That’s how old I am now. This terrifies me because the Queen has always seemed like an old lady to me. Part of what makes it feel so weird is that BoRhap — like the Queen — has […]

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Jun 26 2009

Regarding Michael Jackson

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It gives me no pleasure to speak ill of the dead. Yet, amidst all this gushing hagiography I feel I have to say something about Michael Jackson. I’d like to point out that Michael Jackson hasn’t done a single interesting thing, creatively speaking, for 20 years. His recent recordings were bland, over-processed, and derivative. His […]

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Oct 05 2007

The Ubiquitous Gregory Charles

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Gregory Charles is everywhere. He’s a multi-talented, classically trained pianist and singer who hosts TV and radio shows in French-speaking Quebec, has acted in numerous stage and TV productions, gets tremendous airplay for his recently released easy-listening record album, and makes guest appearances on every second TV and radio show in Quebec (at least the […]

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Aug 09 2007

I’ll soon be single

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Martine phoned me at work today and gave the the worst possible news: Crowded House is playing at the Théâtre St. Denis on Sunday. Oh gawd, anything but that! Virtually every girlfriend I’ve ever had has been an enormous Crowded House fan. And why not? Neil Finn, the band’s vocalist and front man, is calm, […]

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