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Jul 14 2012

How to Walk on a Bicycle Path

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First of all, don’t. You shouldn’t walk or run on a bicycle path. Hardly ever. I want to be clear about that. But I say “hardly ever” because there are a few circumstances when it may be grudgingly permissible. For example: If there is sidewalk construction or the sidewalk is otherwise blocked and you have […]

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Oct 05 2010

Alston Adams, 1974-2010

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Alston Adams, known as @AlstonAdams on Twitter and formerly as Jonas Parker and later himself on his blog, died of cancer yesterday. He was 35. I don’t remember exactly when I met Alston for the first time, but it was probably 2003 or 2004, most likely at La Cabane, where we early-adopter bloggers used to […]

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Dec 10 2008

Gifts That Matter

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This time of year when we’re all a bit stressed over the holiday shopping it might be worthwhile to consider some alternatives to the standard “shop ’til you drop” thing. For example, Gifts That Matter, run by CHF (which calls itself “formerly the Canadian Hunger Foundation” and is one of Canada’s longest standing non-governmental organizations) […]

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Nov 01 2007

Butteroil and Bad Ice Cream

If you think ice cream is necessarily made from cream, or even milk, you’d be wrong. Indeed some ice cream is made from those ingredients, but most is not. Most commercial ice cream on the market today is composed primarily of “modified milk ingredients,” which can mean any of a number of different factory goops […]

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Feb 28 2007

Big Mac vs. Duchy Original

Second Update: astute commenters have pointed out that the error is largely mine, as I didn’t notice the “per 100 grams” notation on the graphic. Mea culpa. Prince Charles was in the news yesterday after saying that banning Big Macs is the key to encouraging healthy eating. He said this while touring the Imperial College […]

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Jan 29 2007

Blork’s Weight Loss Challenge

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Loyal readers will remember that I magically lost 20 pounds last year. Actually, it wasn’t so magic – I cut back on the beer, improved in my eating habits (smaller portions, more vegetables, etc.) and developed an exercise routine that I stuck to pretty regularly. Unfortunately, I put five or six pounds back on in […]

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Dec 15 2006

Green Light for Better Eating

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In the UK, they’re rolling out a “traffic light” labeling system for packaged foods. The labels will rate fat, saturates, sugar, and salt (the four big nasties) as either high (red), medium (orange), or low (green), on labels applied to the food. Personally, I think this is a great idea, as it helps you see […]

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