Cheerleader toss

Check out this crazy video of a bunch of lugs tossing a cheerleader through a basketball hoop. (Flash required).

The movie is on promo site for a fake movie. To be specific, it’s a fake trailer for a fake movie that you’ll soon be seeing at AMC cinemas. In fact it’s actually a public service announcement asking people to turn off their mobile phones. As well as showing this crazy cheerleader stunt (which is not included in the fake trailer), the site includes a silly Flash animation game where you try to toss a cheerleader through a basketball hoop.

The video is non-professional (which is to say, amateur), so it’s not some slick CGI thing. Some people, like Kottke, think it’s fake.

I’m not so sure. It looks pretty real to me, and the the capacity for people to video themselves engaged in stupid and dangerous stunts seems boundless. (Just look here or here for proof.) The fact that she seems to have bonked her head on the rim is further evidence — although I would have expected scraped shoulders before a head knock.

I made a stop-action version, below, so you can get a better sense of how it went down. Below that is a freeze-frame of the head-bonk and the subsequent ouch.

I think it’s real. What do you think?

Cats & Blogs

say no to no catsWhat is it with cats and blogs? Why do so many people put pictures of their cats on their blogs, even more so than pictures of their kids?

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m as guilty as anybody (just Google “blork spiff” for proof). Maybe we just like our cats.

Thus, in spite of Laurent’s anti-cat stance, here’s a fun way to end your week. Check out these nutty pictures found on this Russian Web site. No, they’re not cutsie cat pix, they’re bizarre cat pix. (OK, OK, some of them are cutsie…)