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Jul 14 2012

How to Walk on a Bicycle Path

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First of all, don’t. You shouldn’t walk or run on a bicycle path. Hardly ever. I want to be clear about that. But I say “hardly ever” because there are a few circumstances when it may be grudgingly permissible. For example: If there is sidewalk construction or the sidewalk is otherwise blocked and you have […]

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May 05 2010

Lambs into Lions

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You should take note as you unpack your summer clothes that it may not yet be time to put away the woolies. As reported on this blog on May 30, 2001: Get this: May 1, 2001 was the warmest May 1 on record in Montreal (about 28 C). Today, May 30, 2001, is the coldest […]

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Mar 27 2010

Suburban Bird Drama

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We get a lot of birds around our house in the ‘burbs. I’m not an ornithologist by any stretch, but the longer I live here and the more birds I see, the more I learn about them. My interest was piqued last weekend as I was getting ready to make huevos rancheros for Sunday brunch. […]

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Apr 22 2009

Earth Day Message: Beware of Greenwashing

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“Greenwashing” occurs when a company puts a lot of marketing and public relations effort into delivering a message that they’re very “green” when in fact they are not. An example would be an oil company that takes out ads in influencial magazines touting their wind and solar power research when in fact that represents only […]

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Mar 18 2009

Spring Retrospective

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Spring is teasing us this week. The weather has been warm and sunny (although it’s a bit rainy today), and I saw my first robin of 2009 this morning. To put things in perspective with regard to last year’s overly snowy winter and late arriving spring, here’s a photo I took of the street in […]

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Mar 11 2009

Sinister Clouds!

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Freaky weather today. First it was rainy, then sunny, then cloudy, then cold, and the whole time there was a fierce wind blowing. I went for a walk around 2:30 and saw these freaky clouds blowing over at a really high speed. I felt like I was in one of those overwrought graphic novel adaptations. […]

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Dec 08 2008

Roller Coaster

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It’s -20ºC out there this morning. Ow. . But check out the forecast for the rest of the week: We’re in for a crazy ride!

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